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The basic point of putting a monitor

A plasma bracket is designed to fix an LCD or a plasma screen monitor or television to a wall. In general, you will find three varieties of bracket suitable for doing this: a fixed bracket, a tilt bracket and an extendable bracket. All three of these may be designed to hold one monitor or television, or a series of screens (such as you might find suspended from the roof of a train station hall, for example). The first and most obvious thing to look for, when you are choosing a plasma bracket or a bracket for your LCD monitor or television, is whether the bracket in question is big enough to hold the television or monitor you wish to mount. Make sure that the size range of screen your intended bracket can hold is suitable for the size of screen you are going to put up.Weight is a big issue with larger LCD and plasma screens. The technology has been made lighter in recent years but the problem, or at least the warning, still remains: make very sure that the plasma bracket you are intending to buy will comfortably hold the television or monitor you wish to hang.

Check that the bracket is supplied with the correct masonry screws or heavy duty screws to affix it to the wall you are going to hang it from. And check that the wall itself has the right studs for your bracket to be hung safely.Never attempt to hang a heavy bracket and television (or monitor) on a hollow wall, a plasterboard wall, or a wall that does not have the required studding behind it. If you're lucky, the plasma bracket will fall of such a wall before you have a chance to mount the monitor. What is more likely, though, is that the whole arrangement will sit up very nicely for two or three days, until the screws have worked a big enough hole in the board of the wall ' and then the whole thing will come crashing down in the middle of the night. End of TV, end of wall board, end of whatever happened to be underneath it when it fell.

Bear your purpose in mind when you go to choose a plasma bracket. The basic point of putting a monitor or TV up on a bracket is to ensure that it is at the right level to be viewed comfortably and safely ' i.e. with the neck in the right position and, if you are using a keyboard, without the shoulders hunched. Different brackets have different design features for different applications: you may require a bracket that can also hold a keyboard ' or you might want one that can be extended and moved into different positions depending on the user.Be aware that you get what you pay for. A safe and reliable plasma bracket should run to between £30 and £70 - £30-£40 for 37' to 50' screens and more for larger ones. Bear in mind, too, that if you buy a tilting or extending bracket, then the price will go up and the weight capacity will go down.

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