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The basic point of putting a monitor

A plasma bracket is designed to fix an LCD or a plasma screen monitor or television to a wall. In general, you will find three varieties of bracket suitable for doing this: a fixed bracket, a tilt bracket and an extendable bracket. All three of these may be designed to hold one monitor or television, or a series of screens (such as you might find suspended from the roof of a train station hall, for example). The first and most obvious thing to look for, when you are choosing a plasma bracket or a bracket for your LCD monitor or...

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The head of the screws should be flush

 The head of the screws should be flush with the grip tape, but if they're not, we'll fix that in the next step. If you have risers for your board, you'll want to install them now - they should slip right over the screws.Now that the hardware is poking through the board, and you've installed your risers (if you're using them) it's time to install the trucks. The trucks should slip right over the screws. Now that the trucks are on the board, screw them in.It's important to remember that the trucks need to be placed so the king pins...

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